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Amarena with Cocoa sponge cake, chocolate mousse, milk cream Vanilla flavor and Amarena cherries.

Amarena is ideal for anyone who likes chocolate and sour cherries. The cake consists of cocoa sponge cake, chocolate mousse, vanilla-flavored milk cream and sour cherries. The combination of chocolate mousse and Amarena cherries gives the cake a unique taste. The Amarena cherry jam ganache creates a delicious and elegant look.

The Zoomseries team offers Amarena cakes in different sizes to share the taste of this cake with your loved ones at events.


Egg, peanut, gluten, milk, soy, sulfite, walnuts

May contain traces of:


Storage conditions

Store the product in the delivery packaging at a temperature of (+2) – (+4) °C for up to 48 hours after receipt.