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Biscuit dough, cream cheese, cherry jam. Depending on the flavor, it may contain other ingredients such as cherries, salted caramel or raspberries.

For everyone who is looking for a rich and delicious dessert, we have prepared our CheeseCakes. The base consists of a sponge cake dough generously covered with cream cheese and cherry jam. These cakes are not only considered a source of energy, but also a delicious treat.

The Zoomserie team offers a selection of CheeseCakes with different flavors such as cherry, salted caramel and raspberry. Practical cheesecake portions are also available for family enjoyment. Discover the variety of our CheeseCakes and enjoy this popular treat in different variations.


Egg, gluten, milk, soy

May contain traces of:

Peanut, sesame, sulfites, walnuts

Storage conditions

Store the product in the delivery packaging at a temperature of (+2) – (+4) °C for up to 48 hours after receipt.