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Tiramisu rolled pistachio cake

Tiramisu rolled pistachio cake: Savoiardi sponge cake, espresso, eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder.

The rolled tiramisu cake offers a velvety combination of espresso-soaked Savoiardi sponge, delicately sweetened beaten eggs and mascarpone cheese, sprinkled with a touch of cocoa powder. The name “tiramisù” means “pull me up” and alludes to the stimulating effects of caffeine from coffee and chocolate.

This dessert is one of the most famous sweet dishes in Italy and is always at the top of the list of popular Italian delicacies. A Guinness World Record competition for the largest tiramisu is held annually. In the film “Sleepless in Seattle,” Tom Hanks describes tiramisu as something mysterious that women seem to like, which sparked a lot of interest in the United States. Tiramisu even received its own international culinary holiday in 2017: World Tiramisu Day, celebrated on March 21 as a tribute to the dessert's restorative properties. At Zoomserie we follow the traditional recipe step by step.


Classic tiramisu recipe



Egg, peanut, gluten, milk, sulfite, walnuts

Storage conditions

Store the product in the delivery packaging at a temperature of (+2) – (+4) °C for up to 48 hours after receipt.