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Cake Snicke

Peanut butter paste, peanuts, salted caramel syrup, chocolate sponge cake

Tort Snicke

Tort Snicke is a delicious creation consisting of the following ingredients: peanut butter paste with crunchy peanuts, salted caramel syrup, fluffy chocolate pandispan and a light sprinkling. Each serving weighs approximately 150g.

This cake comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 to a generous 40 servings to suit the needs of different events.

Tort Snicke is perfect for individual events such as baptisms, weddings or anniversaries. The ability to design the cake according to personal preferences makes it a flexible highlight for any celebration. Enjoy this unique taste experience that will delight your guests!


8 portions ~ 1 kg, 12 portions ~ 1.5 kg, 20 portions ~ 2.5 kg, 24 portions ~ 3kg, 36 portions ~ 4.5 kg