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Mini cake box 25

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The Mini Cake Box contains 25 mini cakes, each presented in elegant plastic cups. For further options of mini cakes, please contact us at We are at your disposal to find a selection that suits your preferences.

The Mini Cake Box offers a sophisticated selection of individual mini cakes, each presented in an elegant plastic cup. This stylish version of mini cakes is ideal for celebrations with office colleagues or family anniversaries.

In the Mini Cake Box you will find 25 mini cakes, including 5 pieces of each type: Cheesecake, Mango & Chocolate, Profiterol, Purple and Ekmek Kataif. These little delicacies are housed in an easy to transport box.

If you would prefer an alternative selection of mini cakes, please feel free to email us send. We are flexible and can also put together a smaller version of this mix to suit your needs.