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Tart with fresh forest fruits

Tart with fresh wild berries. Sponge cake with butter, black and red currants, strawberries, wild cherries, eggs, butter, corn flour, lemon, wild berries.

Our fruit tarts are a true fresh experience because we prepare them fresh after we receive your order. They are a delicious combination of seasonal fruits such as black and red currants, strawberries and wild cherries on a classic buttery sponge cake dough. The crème patisserie, made from eggs, butter and a pinch of cornmeal, gives the tart a light and delicious touch.

In the Zoom series we also offer mini tarts with lemon, forest fruits and wild cherries - perfect to take with you, every day, at any hour. Experience fruity freshness and pamper your palate with our lovingly prepared delicacies!